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A Tent Big Enough For All

Outside of the ring, the Big Apple Circus is committed to being a part of each community we visit — this includes the rescue animal program started by our resident animal trainer, Jennie Vidbel, and our Community Partnerships Programs. We pride ourselves in bringing joy to all audience members, performers and four-legged friends at our circus, and we take great care to ensure it is a welcoming place for everyone. 

Circus of the Senses

Circus of the Senses is an enhanced version of the Circus’ annual Big Top production. Circus of the Senses provides audience members who are Blind, Deaf, or have vision, hearing, or cognitive challenges with an exciting, multi-dimensional performing arts experience, integrating theater, dance, and live music with the circus arts. Infrared Audio Descriptive Headsets, ASL Interpreters, Braille and Large Print Programs, both a pre-show interactive touch experience for everyone and post show touch session for blind and low vision individuals brings the magic of circus to life!

Autism Performances

Big Apple Circus Embraces Autism with amazing artistry. This performance provides sensory adaptations to welcome ASD patrons and their families with open arms. There are modifications to sound and lighting, a professionally staffed calming area in the lobby, extra signage, volunteers with helping hands, fidgets and earplugs. The Social Story will be available as a PDF with your ticket purchase. Enjoy the Circus!

Circus for All

In each city, we have dedicated a number of shows to include discounted tickets for underserved schools. In addition to tickets, we offer lesson plans for students, using the circus to spark their interest in physics, history, geography and more.

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Animal Rescue

There are no wild or exotic animals in the Big Apple Circus. The only animals featured in our show are our beloved rescue dogs, horses and ponies. These four-legged friends are loved and cared for by our certified animal trainer, Jenny Vidbel. For over two decades, Jenny has been rescuing dogs and horses, and training those who show talent and interest in circus acts. When they aren’t performing, they live with Jenny on her ranch in upstate New York.

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