Jenny Vidbel

Jenny Vidbel is a third generation animal trainer. She learned the art of animal communication from her Grandfather, one of the greatest animal communicators of his time. Jenny grew up amongst a wide variety of animals both domestic and exotic, but her true love and passion was found in the equine family. She trained her first pony when she was nine years old. His name was Frisky and he was the greatest four legged teacher she ever had! “ He taught me patience, he taught me to open my mind to a horse’s point of view, and he taught me humility.” Frisky was the beginning of a wonderful adventure and career! Jenny has performed with her troup of horses and ponies all over the country. She started adding dogs and farm animals to her animal family as she became involved in rescue. She has been a featured act at Madison Square Garden and for the last 6 years her and her team were a featured act at the Big Apple Circus and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts In NYC. Jenny and her animal family spend their off time at her beloved farm in the Catskill Mountains. This is where her retired animals will spend the rest of their lives enjoying 100 acres of green fields, forest and even an apple orchard! Jenny and her group of animal stars are very excited to return to the all new Big Apple Circus!