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Storm Marrero


She could make it anywhere, but she’d rather be here. Ladies and gentlemen, our brand-new, singing Afro-Latina ringmaster Storm Marrero, is Brooklyn-born and proud of it. Making her Big Apple Circus debut, Marrero has lived a Big Apple life. In addition to being one of the most sought-after singers in New York City, Storm’s day job was as dean of a New York City K-12 public education system school. Big Apple Circus uniquely joins Storm’s love for engaging the minds and hearts of children, her passion for performance arts, and her one-of-a-kind New York spirit.
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Jayson Dominguez

Wheel of Death

Twenty-three-year-old Jayson Dominguez is an eighth-generation circus performer whose act would give even the wildest cabbie a thrill. Born in Puerto Rico to Colombian parents, Jayson began to perform when he was five years old. He has performed in almost every U.S. state and in eight countries throughout Europe and South America.  Jayson is one of the only people in the world to successfully land a front somersault on top of his Wheel of Death.
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The Explosion Duo

Chinese Pole

Swinging from a freestanding vertical pole with speed, grace, and a bit of Spidey sense Abel Driggs and Daniel Bridon Benitez are Cuban natives who have trained in acrobatics and gymnastics since they were teenagers. Abel earned numerous gold medals in gymnastics while representing Cuba in competitions around the world. This led him to a coveted spot on the Ringling Bros. tour and then at UniverSoul Circus, where he met Daniel. The two joined forces to create their special aerodynamic act, ready to head up, up, and Upper West Side!
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The Lopez Troupe

High-Wire Act

More wired than the tour guides in Times Square but as chill as Jenny from the Block, the Lopez siblings Johan, Jonatan, and Zuliedy are sixth-generation circus artists, best known for their daring and death-defying high-wire act. Born in Mexico and into show business, the family trio kicked off their careers with Ringling Bros. and later went on to become the first-ever high-wire walkers to perform inside the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia. Before coming to the Big Apple Circus, the Lopez Troupe traveled the United States with Circus 1903, as seen on “America’s Got Talent.”
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Kyle Driggs

Inventive Juggling

International Jugglers’ Association gold medalist Kyle Driggs is a New Yorker with all the innate instincts and talents that his moniker ascribes. A juggling jack of all trades, his cutting-edge performance style incorporates movement, object manipulation, and theatrics, all backed by impeccable technical skill. His experimental nature and unique skill set led him to invent the incredibly complex art form of juggling with open umbrellas — making him a New Yorker to watch…or watch out for. Upon graduating from École Nationale de Cirque de Montreal, one of the world’s premier circus school, Kyle received international acclaim for his talent in a New York minute. Began receiving international acclaim for his talent. With credits that range as wide as his talents, Kyle has performed on Broadway in Cirque du Soleil’s “Paramour”, as well as in the twilight hours in the heart of New York’s East Village as part of his interdisciplinary company 3AM Theatre.
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Hovey Burgess

Circus Scholar

Big Apple Circus fan favorite with the fastest feet north of FiDi, 79-year-old comedic acrobat and NYU and Julliard professor Hovey Burgess is AS NEW YORK AS IT GETS. After having taught circus arts for exactly 100 semesters at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Acting program (1966-2017), Hovey retired from teaching to, of course, focus on his performance career. Known as the “King of Circus,” Hovey has performed on every inch of the city at various underground, above-ground, and ground-level New York performance venues, entertaining locals and tourists alike. He created, directed, and performed with the Circo Dell’Arte. He taught at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and at the Ultimate Clown School. He wrote the book on circus. Literally. It’s called “Circus Techniques” (1976) and it is still in print. Hovey choreographed and appeared in the motion picture “Popeye,” starring Robin Williams, one of his former Juilliard students. He is the recipient of the Red Skelton Award: Gifted Mentor to Clown Theatre Artists, the International Jugglers’ Association’s Excellence in Education Award, City Lore People’s Hall of Fame Award for Mentoring a New Generation of Circus Artists, the Downtown Clown Golden Nose Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Circus Now Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Dupla Mão na Roda

Hand to Hand

An award-winning, hand-balancing duo of GOTHAM SUPERHERO-level strength, agility, and audacity, Rafael Ferreira and Alan Pagnota of Dupla Mão na Roda (“four hands and two wheels”) perform an unforgettable strongman routine that highlights the indomitable nature of the human spirit. The performance blends acrobatics, physical comedy, music, and theater with feats of incredible strength. Ferreira, who was born with congenital arthrogryposis, is the flyer, and Pagnota, who also spent time as a Blue Man in Blue Man Group, is the base in this time-honored circus act that demands superhuman upper body strength. The duo has won numerous awards, including an honor at the Circuba International Circus Festival in Havana, the Trophy Prize at the Cirque International Festival of Brazil Contest, and a coveted spot performing at the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games.
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Caleb Carinci And Renny Spencer

Acrobatic Riding

A circus kind of love! As romantic as a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park in the snow and as unlikely as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Caleb and Renny shared their first kiss backstage of the acclaimed show “Cavalia”. Since that moment they have combined their lives and passions to lead an act that has wowed 10 countries in Europe, Canada, and South America. It also earned them a plum role alongside their beloved horses in Twentieth Century Fox’s major motion picture “The Greatest Showman.” alongside their beloved horses. Renaissance artists who have performed since they were children, Renny is as likely to be painting a commissioned piece of art as she is to be galloping proudly center ring.
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The Savitsky Cats

Cat Acrobats "Acrocats"

HI, HUMANS OF NEW YORK! I’m Topa, the leader of The Savitsky Cats. You may know us from “America’s Got Talent,” but we’re still trying to book “Law & Order.” Our family consists of nine cats and three humans. Our humans, Svitlana, Maryna, and Misha, are from the Ukraine, and Svitlana has been training cats since she was just 10 years old. We are making our New York City debut with the Big Apple Circus, and in true feline form, we couldn’t be more excited for our first foray into the concrete jungle! Our job is a dream job because we get to travel and perform all over the world. We also love filming TV shows, commercials, and movies and are ready to take Lincoln Center by purr-fect storm.
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Circus Bingo Straps

Aerial Straps

An incredible aerial acrobatics act by Ukrainians Maryna Tkachenko and Tetyana Yudina, who soar high above the audience with no net beneath them. With a Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Maryna has performed with Circus Roncalli in Germany, Circus Knie in Switzerland, and Circus Bingo production numbers at the prestigious Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival. Tetyana Yudina studied at the Circus Academy in Kiev with a specialty in aerial silks and lyra.
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Amy Gordon

Funny Lady

Amy Gordon is a deluxe weirdo extraordinaire — just the way we New Yorkers like ‘em! Forged from vaudeville stock, classical training, and an endless international touring circuit, she’s performed in over 44 countries worldwide and has hilariously slayed audiences with her original material in six different languages. Did we mention she also won a prestigious Olivier Award? Having starred in several acclaimed New York and West End productions, such as “La Soirée” (Best Unique Theatrical Experience) and “Absinthe” (Spiegelworld), her range has no bounds. She has developed projects with Tony Award® and Olivier Award winner Steven Hoggett and played a role in Tyler Perry’s “Fall From Grace.” Wildly apropos, Amy is currently in post-production on a TV sitcom pilot she wrote, produced, and starred in called “Big Time,” about a lady who runs away from the circus to join life in NYC.
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Aliev Troupe

Aerial Acrobatics

Forget the High Line!! These internationally recognized acrobats have invented this high-flying act (in a 277-year-old art form no less!), combining the spectacular art of aerial acrobatics with the Russian barre. Whereas the Russian barre was traditionally performed on the ground, the Aliev troupe raises the stakes by bounding through the air 20 feet above the audience. The act features eight performers and is created by Asher Aliev, a world-renowned and international award-winning artist. His flying act “White Birds”, won the prestigious Silver Clown Award at the 35th International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo.